12 Reasons Employees Call in Sick on Mondays

Barbara Kimmel
2 min readNov 8, 2020

It’s Sunday. Whether you are working remotely or in person, do you plan on calling in sick tomorrow?

Did you know that twice as many people call in sick on Mondays as compared to Fridays?

That’s 24.8% vs.12.8% according to a recent study conducted in the UK. And few would argue that employee absenteeism places pressure on productivity, morale AND the bottom line, but who’s keeping track?

Putting reasons aside like actual sickness or a natural disaster, the following common workplace behaviors are fueling Monday absenteeism:

  1. Personal and professional gain take precedent over truth
  2. Accountability is expected but not practiced by management
  3. Short-term wins beat long-term purpose
  4. Talk is not followed by supporting actions
  5. Only one voice matters and it’s not yours
  6. Values? Principled and ethical behavior? Not so much.
  7. Closed doors discourage open-mindedness
  8. Hidden agendas stifle transparency
  9. Fear is rampant and compliance “rules”
  10. Failures are punished leading to lack of innovation
  11. Honesty is not encouraged
  12. Shared values have never been discussed

Can you name the common thread running through these?



Barbara Kimmel

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